Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hajar's Lament

Wandering over the rolling hills
The scorching sand under my blistering feet
Sweltering sun beating down on me
In this vast emptiness
Bereft of hope
Mirages beckon me

My tears are the only drops of water
But even tears cannot quench his thirst
He is inconsolable and I, despaired
In this barrenness, left deserted

Where have you gone, my love
Have you forgotten us
Do you not hear my lament and his cries

You have forsaken us
But the One to Whom you are the friend will not

In this stillness there is a silence that sings to me
Whispers of secrets hidden beneath these sands
I fall at his feet
Listening closely to the unheard melodies
Invisible murmurs and gurgles turn to gushing waters of life
I kiss the earth in awe of His Compassion, His Mercy

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