Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Unfuck The World...

If you want to be able to make sense of the Boston Marathon bombing case, begin by turning off your TV. Forget 24-hour news reportage. Rely on the best sources (Democracy Now), plus analytical comments from people like Glenn Greenwald (Guardian). 

Then...think about what is not being covered, and ask why: earthquakes in China, massacres in Syria, tens of thousands of Americans killed by gun violence, expedited wars against Iran, Monsanto, a Republic having become an Empire, hunger strikes in Guantanamo Bay, domestic violence, etc. I mourn the four victims of this bombing, and we should keep praying for their families. And we should keep asking about the tens of thousands whose death and suffering we are not talking about.
Our humanity is connected. Our suffering is connected. Never minimize the suffering of human beings over here. Insist on seeing our lives here as precious, no less precious, and no more precious, than lives over "there." And know that the lives over there are as precious as our lives over here. We are all God's children.
Don't become a slave to made-for-ratings-TV that glamorizes "drama" and breathless reporting over speaking truth to power. Insist on seeing our shared humanity. Demand it. The more connected we are with one another, the more real of an existence we live.
Yes, much of the world around us is fucked up.
It wasn't made this way. We fucked it up.
Let's unfuck the world. Let's make it beautiful.
God bless.

A short rant/prayer - Omid Safi 

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