Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Biggest Current Affairs Issue In The World This Week...

Officials have booted three male tourists out of Saudi Arabia - for being TOO HANDSOME. Cops in the ultra-religious state arrested the hunks - from the neighbouring United Arab Emirates - at a cultural festival in the Saudi capital Riyadh.
Officers from religious police force, the Mutaween, reportedly feared local women would find the fellas irresistible and be tempted break the country's strict laws.

Saudi women have to stay covered up at all times and are banned from speaking and interacting with men who aren't their relatives. 
Sexual contact with a man outside marriage is a punishable offence.

A local newspaper reported: "Three Emiratis were taken out on the grounds they are too handsome. (It was) feared female visitors could fall for them."

*More photograpic evidence of the criminals @


Dreamlife said...

Real story?

If so, it reminds me of another I heard - in the time of Umar r.a., there was a young man that was so handsome that Umar feared he'd be a fitnah for the women. He made him shave his hair off - to lessen the attractiveness, but that just made him MORE attractive. So Umar sent him away to go live in another city....

Don't know how true that is - but I remember hearing it from a very well-respected imam's lecture.

Maybe some men should wear niqab too ;)

desert demons said...

Maybe when we become overly superficial all that matters is appearance and we forget that it is heart that should really make or break the attraction :)

dreamlife said...

Well, these are the days of hedonism - aren't they?