Saturday, December 24, 2011

'Tis The Season...

Sacred days from the  Abrahamic faiths are usually both  about  remembering  a special event  and a commitment  to social justice.

So whether it is Easter and you're commemorating the death of Christ and remembering what he strove to uphold or Eid–ul- Adhaa and remembering Abraham’s commitment to obey God’s command to slaughter his son and sharing your meat with the poor, It is safe to say that it is never just about a party.

However humans often forget the bigger picture (of course this  is not related to religious days specifically it seems to be a chronic behavioural pattern of  life in the time of Lady Gaga).

So this year as we kick back and enjoy the festive season let us think back to what Jesus stood for and since only dates, names and places change let us also think about what his teachings mean for life on earth 2000 years later and how we can implement his lessons to ensure that Christmas is more meaningful than crass consumerism and fake wishes.

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