Monday, July 25, 2011

The Non-Muslim Fundamentalist

It makes me sick to my stomach that even our most alternate news channel
ran around shouting ‘MUSLIM’ when tragedy struck Norway this weekend.

I understand the concept of ‘ a likely suspect’, however when we all know that the ‘likely suspect’ has been concocted by media sensationalism and the US propaganda machine surely we should attempt to look left and right and left again before we cross the road.

Anders Behring Brevik (not very muslim sounding) and his 1500 page manifesto entitled 2083- A European Declaration Of Independence which claims to want to protect Europeans, their culture and their lands from being over run by the rapid breeding muslim hordes, set of a bomb in Oslo and shot and killed 92 youth at a camp when he opened fire on them dressed as a policeman.

The interesting thing is that it is always these pseudo-liberal European governments masquerading as saviours of human rights where the worst racial profiling occurs and from where the worst Islamophobes and fascists are born. It seems Europe will have to start seeing bigotry as something more than racism against Jews.
Brevik a Christian right winger and politician wanted to teach a lesson to the Labour Party who according to him has a soft attitude towards Muslims and took it upon himself to save the Europeans and what a sad and misdirected saviour he turned out to be.

Of course Norwegian lives are of the more valuable white variety so they will be mourned internationally with flower wreaths, candles and moments of silence unlike the thousands who will die quietly of the famine in Somalia or the ongoing war in Libya.


Ridwan said...

So very true! The price of black and brown life pales in comparison.

And most of those who rightly lament what happened in Norway most likely know nothing about what is happening in the horn of Africa.

Well not until St Bono and the rest cut and CD to save the Africans from themselves.


desert demons said...