Wednesday, July 20, 2011


The News of the World was notorious for its anti-immigrant and islamophobic stance and all its writing was either scandal, sex, sleaze or sensationalism. The paper was partially responsible for putting the Bush regime as well as Margaret Thatcher in power and held huge sway and power globally. Rupert Murdoch’s media empire has set the framework within which people think and how they see global events, personalities and wars.

A few weeks ago a lone journalist decided to blow the whistle on the unethical practises of the media giant. Sean Hoare was one of the first journalists to go on the record about the phone hacking at Murdoch's now-defunct News of the World. The scandal has so far led to 10 arrests and a parliamentary hearing.

Sean was subsequently found dead while an autopsy yesterday afternoon concluded that there was no foul play in his death I am certain that there is much to be suspicious about.
I would like to call a moment of silence for Sean Hoare the whistle blower that eventually led to the closing of News International, the British subsidiary of Murdoch's global conglomerate News Corp. 

*The headline used by The News Of The World to announce the sinking of The ARA General Belgrano  during the Falklands War with the loss of 323 lives. Losses from the Belgrano totalled just over half of Argentine deaths in the Falklands War.

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Kweli said...

It's sick that "gotcha" is the headline they went with.