Friday, February 11, 2011

For Iran and for Rolihlahla

                                                        Picture : Raheb Homavandian 

On The Anniversary Of The Iranian Revolution we wish the Egyptians strength to see their revolution to the end and we hope that the rest of the Arab world will follow suit.

Excerpt From Speech Of Turkey's P.M Erdogan: 
From here, I would like to make a very sincere suggestion to Egyptian President Mr. Husni Mubarak and caution him: We are human beings. We are mortal. We are not immortal. We will all die and be questioned for what we have done in our lives. As Muslims, we will all end up in two-cubic meter holes. We are all mortals. What is immortal is the legacy we leave behind; what is important is to be remembered with respect; it is to be remembered with benediction. We exist for the people. We fulfil our duties for our people. When the imam comes to us as we die, he will not address us as the president, as the head of state, as the prime minister, or as the minister. I am now talking to the trillionaires: the imam will not address you as trillionaires. He will address us all as simple men or women. What will come with you will only be the shroud. Nothing else. Therefore we must know the value of that shroud; we must listen to the voice of our conscience and to! the voice of our people; we must be ready either for our people’s prayers or for their malediction. Therefore, I say that you must listen, and we must listen, to the people’s outcry, to their extremely humanitarian demands. Meet the people’s desire for change with no hesitation.

                                           (Picture: google)         

"I can't help it if the ladies take note of me; I am not going to protest."
-Nelson Mandela 

(Released from prison 11/02/1990)

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