Friday, February 11, 2011

For Bouazizi

(Picture: google)

It is unfortunate that you could not be around to see the revolution that your sacrifice has sparked
but your death was not in vain, the oppression and anger that you felt have not gone to waste. 

The people have risen to see a new day and you were sun that brought this morning. 

I salute you 


Ridwan said...

Salaam desert demons:

I join you in paying respects to Mohamed Bouazizi.

May he rest in peace as the revolution he started grows ...


Azra said...

I salute him too. His name will forever ring throughout history as the spark that ignited the fires of change. & hopefully, he's in a better place.

desert demons said...

Yep he is one of those brave ones who made history but will probably never be given the memorial he deserves like all those Chris HArman remembers in A People's History , like Sobukwe and all those other faceless and nameless who built the pyramids and brought the revolutions and wrote the real history!