Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What do you see?

We saw: an illegal occupation, a war against the defenseless

They saw: militants trying to holocaust them

We saw: ethnic cleansing, brutal annihilation of men, women and children

They saw: desert barbarians, philistines, pests that needed to be eradicated

We saw: Helicopters, snipers, militarised naval forces and warships on the offensive

They saw: one Yemeni with a khanjar and cried Al Qaeda

We saw: A peacful humanitarian mission, carrying aid to besieged people – prisoners in their own land

They saw: terrorists threatening to break a blockade

We saw: an act of piracy – brutal murder of innocents – crime in international waters

They saw: harmless IDF soldiers defending themselves

We saw: the State of Israel conducting Piracy on the high seas in the Mediterreanean to bring an end to Gaza

They were blind!


Rajat said...

They thought of themselves as the global policemen and raged war killing innocent people.
Have faith in God, he'll heal your wounds.

The Dude said...

very unique way to express about this tragedy.. have faith and keep peace in your heart.
hope, faith, compassion and temperance - these are things that define humanity.

shafinaaz said...

This is fabulous writing; brings every emotion to the fore while neatly outlining everything about the situation.