Monday, May 31, 2010

Whose God ?

On Friday Pakistan was hit by a cold blooded act of sectarian violence that left more than 200 dead when two mosques were attacked during the Jumuah prayer. It was by no means an isolated event in recent world history. Sectarian violence has become a common act for humanity who have evolved enough to punish religious differences by the death.

A far cry from the teachings of the Prophet (saw) and beyond sickening when one school of thought or the state thinks it can define who a Muslim is , decide who may say the Salaam - muslim greetng-, determine which muslim place of worship is to be called a masjid and patent the Kalima – islam’s tenet of faith-!


Loshini said...

Timely post

Sid said...

Hi. Hope you're planning on writing a blog post about the attack on the ship never the Gaza coastline. I'm just interested in hearing your viewpoint.

desert demons said...

Sure Sid :)