Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Piggy Bank I Found

I am a few days late - I meant to post this on 4 April 2010 to commemorate the International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action

Watching this video, I believe that every day should be anti-landmine day! And every day we should work towards the elimination of cluster munitions and other harmful weapons that continue to kill and maim innocents.


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Anonymous said...

As Baxi always says the language of humanitarian laws (laws of war) will find more legitimacy than the language of human rights in peace time.

Such protests as to ban cluster bombs or landmines do not help. They are what Gandhi would say, treating the symptoms not the patirnts.

The lanugae of ethics (human rights) should be all inclusive. It should not be discursive: limiting and creating a boundary; or creating a hierarchy of norms.

But again I agree with your claim to ban land mines. As Baxi said in chapter 2 of "Future of Human Rights" that such lanuage of human rights however wrong and exclusionary, is still a sigh of relief for the oppressed.

So basically according to classic paradigm of logic, we are vilating the axiom of non-contradiction of statements. So basically I have said nothing at all :)

Cremated Wolf :)