Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pained Concerto

Thoughts of you have become the background music to my life.
A haunting melody, that covers me like a comforting garment
that I cannot bear to remove.

Because the biting cold of a life without you is merciless.
And the memories of you are both my only hope
and my most excruciating tormentor.


Rajat said...

I knew that with love comes pain.. But then my life would have been incomplete without it.
God bless you.

Howling Lamb said...

Hi DD,
Your writing is wonderful as usual. I wish I could be as optimistic as you about memories being a source of hope. My memories are a calvary, a crucifixion and a comfort. I cannot escape them. I wouldnt want to escape them because because each memory is a whip lash on my yearning, naked soul and I welcome each lash because it reminds me of the magic I experienced, magic that can never be mine again. So, come on memories, queue up and remind me of the paradise that I lost. I offer my naked soul to you on the altar of my life. I am the soul meat. Be my whip! Remind me of the beauty that I have lost forever.

desert demons said...

Hey Rajat thanx for the visit - I guess because we know how much it can hurt it is all the more valuable .

LAMB !!! welcome back friend I missed you :) hang in there and remember that optimism begins with a single step, the choice is ours; we can writhe in pain or revel in the beauty :)