Monday, October 5, 2009

Singing Sand Dunes

Have you heard the song of the sand
The tenor murmurs
The soprano calls to the wind
Mournful and joyous
In chorus they moan

Ripples in the sand transform into harp strings
Strumming their lament
In tune with the rumbling drumming of the dune
Clashing in battle beneath the desert moon

Have you seen the grains dance to the rhythm
Each one a perfect sphere
Magical mystical spirits chanting
Whirling and twirling in the sema

Listen to the eerie hum
As the majestic mound awakens
Responding to the call of the Conductor of this magnificent orchestra

Read more about this amazing natural phenomenon here
and watch the youtube video below:


Azra said...

Sounds very serene...all the murmurs and harp strings. I want to go to a sand dune and roll down...thats on my to do list ;)

The Dude said...

agree with above comment..

desert demons said...

Thanks Azra and Dude - why I love the desert!