Monday, October 12, 2009

Brewing Storms

The Father of Storm Clouds (Abu Mazen) has conjured up a tornado and its set to swallow him whole!

How foolish and arrogant a man to think himself a god, playing with lives of innocent people. This devil masks his horns and oozes honey from his forked tongue, pretending to be the leader of the Palestinian people; pretending that he has the best of intentions and will negotiate with the enemy to win back the land. All the while, he is really plundering and pillaging the souls of the innocent and goading the enemy on. He’s whored himself to Israel and the Americans for a few hundred dollars and sold his soul in the process. What difference is there between him and the conniving cow who said collateral damage of the half a million Iraqi children under sanctions was justifiable. Now the lost lives of the children of Gaza are justifiable. They are expendable because they voted for the opposition. How sick and sordid a mind to reduce the plight of the Palestinians to personal fame and glory. With such leadership, how can the dream of a Palestinian state ever become a reality? He has opened the gates of hell and is ushering every Palestinian into it. He is ready to sign away the rights to land, to life, to peace, to worship. He is driving the bulldozer towards Al Aqsa and laying the foundation for temple mount.

All the while, the Obama-worshipping continues as though he is the messiah coming to the rescue!


Sid said...

Will need to google this to get an idea as to what you're talking about.

Edge Of Where said...

See my post on injustice and why I dont see people protesting in the streets like they should.

desert demons said...

Sid - I'm talking about him standing in the way of the Goldstone report on Israeli war crimes against the Palestinians in Gaza. The world is up in arms about this! How can a Palestinian block this report? And now there are leaks (not sure how authentic) that during the bombardment of Gaza, he met with Ehud Barack and Tzipi Livni and actually told them to increase the intensity of the war. Then there's talk of a phone call between one of his cronies and the Israeli army chief - the Israeli says there'll be too many casualties and innocent lives will be lost, to which the Palestinian responds, well they voted for Hamas so they deserve to die!

Edge - thanks, for sharing. I know that the street protests don't always work, but its one of the few ways of people expressing their anger towards the injustice. The alternative would be silence and that is far worse.

Edge Of Where said...

Agreed and the question I really want answered is why isn't there any protest underway at the moment especially in S.A.

Thats where these double standards come into play. Just as people protested against the Israeli's they should protest against this palestinian "leader", "sell out" but people here seem to turn a blind eye.

It sickens me and that is why I stay away from protest becase of the hypocrisy of the organisers.

desert demons said...

Edge- I absolutely agree! Where are the protestors now? Where is the voice against this hypocrisy?

I wonder if Khalid Meshaal's call for a change in strategy and call to the Fatah movement to choose a new leader will be a turning point for Palestine... or is it time to surrender to the occupation as Abbas has?

Edge Of Where said...

As complicated as the situation is I dont think simply choosing a different leader will solve anything. Hamas and Fatah have opposing ideologies and until this is ironed out and they work together to form a united front against the occupation nothing will be solved.

We as people looking in from the outside should support a nation and not it's leaders. Leaders come and go but the people will always be there.