Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Where Is The Love ?

When history reminisces about our generation, what will it see? There will be no pyramids or great mysteries, there will be no civilisations that changed the course of our common destiny. There maybe some amazing stories of revolution and sacrifice yes and some mind-set shattering thinkers for sure but most of all their will be life times decided on intolerance and greed.

We will have the most advanced technology and the ability to kill millions at the press of a button or heal millions with the potions modern day healers whip up in multi billion dollar laboratories. We will be able to visit other planets and live under water, we will witness the largest mass migrations due to changing weather patterns and wars.

We will watch I Q’s soar where once birds took to the skies. We will break the sound barrier on roads, which were once covered, in migratory animals and lush vegetation. The most beautiful views will be bartered for skyscrapers and quick fixes. Sadly, for this ‘progression’ we will be forced to trade our most basic abilities.

We will lose the ability to communicate with our fellow humans, the ability to care, to give freely, to listen, the ability to smile for real, to calm and comfort with touch, the ability to feel the suffering of our joint humanity and the ability to do what is right for its own sake. Above all we will wave goodbye to our ability to love for no other reason but because our souls must.

As the many great Sufis have written, without love there is nothing and from love comes everything. Whether it is love for the divine or for the very mortal this emotion still remains the basis of everything. For in loving we do what is essential in order to share a planet with 6 billion others, we give of ourselves and expect nothing.


Elle D said...

sad but true. I think about this quite often.
I really enjoy reading your blog ♥

* said...

Outstanding piece.

Azra said...

We've definitely lost the love somewhere. Every man for himself these days.

The secret to a thriving society, in my opinion, is that sense of community and respect. 'It takes a village to raise a child'...not ignorant parents that want to bash the old man who tells their 3 year old not to swear.

We've lost the plot somehwere.

desert demons said...

Elle and * - Thanx for the visit :)

Azra - it's alot more than community though it's the whole concept of 'progression' we've tacitly accepted. We've agreed to trade 'humaness' for 'modernity', forgeting that without that 'humaness', modernity would not carry any value or meaning.

Azra said...

Yeah I agree that the problem is much more complex than I suggested. And you're 100% correct, we've traded our humanity for globalisation...and such.
There are so many other elements too *sigh*

Majestic Elk said...

Beautiful thoughts. However, I think that love is like the relationship between the sand and the ocean. The sand surrenders to the caress and power of the waves but the waves have to surrender their strength to the inviting embrace of the shore. True love is the mutual surrender of the beloveds to each other. Until that happens there is no love, just longing, yearning, frustration, despair. When you love someone you give the power of your happiness to another. That other then has the power to create or destroy.

desert demons said...

Elk why is it that most often the other chooses to destroy ?