Monday, May 4, 2009

Calls to the Faithful

There are no shortage of calls to the faithful and what strikes me most is the variety of the callers and their aims (it's all in the advertising, I tell you) as well as personal gains.

This week, I heard, by far ( and I mean miles and miles far) the most interesting explanation for who is to blame for the hole in the ozone …

A guru (unnamed for her own protection) has claimed via her 24-hour satellite television station that the blame for the hole in the ozone layer should go to the cows, because the noxious fumes released when they pass wind are the vile emissions that have caused said hole (yes she is blaming farting cows).

From Sheiks that will pray your daily prayers for you (because you haven’t personally reached the spiritual stage required to do so) to temples that have express lanes for generous donors who will be donating more than 10 000 rupees.

Everyone has amassed followers from charismatic speakers claiming to be the prophets of this generation to leaders with their own beach houses and yachts sponsored proudly by their devotees.

All of it begs of a humanity, that is desperate to believe in something or rather anything greater than us, with the ability to inspire wonder and create miracles.

And rightly so, who wouldn’t find it hard to believe that the precision taken to create a dragonfly and majesty required to carve out a mountain, came about due to a cosmic sneeze.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Does man exist because of God or does God exist because of man? No one can question God tho man can cease to exist everyday, death , or new born leaders popping up everywhere. it's not only a question of belief but a question of what to believe. I blame man for the confusion with the greed for pwer through religion will lead to mans destruction

desert demons said...

hmmmm well 1stly please leave the cows alone - i'm a firm supporter of ice-cream and milkshake , not to mention whipped cream and choclat!!!
2ndly anon , I think that often it takes some soul searching and i firmly believ that religion has enough substance to counter all the negative as well :)