Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Voyages of Discovery

I knew it was going to be an ‘interesting’ night when at close to 11:00pm, I heard the words… so ladies how's about a ‘memory maker’?

We’re hot-blooded, virile women and we have needs or at least a need for experimentation…

So off we went to a rather “reputable” establishment, which celebrates the male form in all its glory (of course when u pay for haram stuff with interest money – its acceptable) so even though the entrance fee was steep (over 100 a pop) it was justified.

Some blame the argile; I blame myself for calling my friend’s bluff. So up the stairs and into the room we went, we held our breath… as we walked through the open door that Adonis in hot pants had opened and into the annual Adonis in hot pants conference.

At this point I finally understand why Eve was tempted by the snake….

The 6 of us took a booth and watched (sometimes from behind our hands, over our eyes) the guys’ bump, grind, gyrate, caress (by which time we were hyperventilating).

Who ever thought you could mass produce the feeling that you’re the only girl in the room the guy sees (but apparently you can) and the blushing is contagious!!!

The room wasn’t badly decorated or tacky and the menu was pretty good, but can you actually eat at this sort of joint? We settled on funky looking strawberry daiquiris all around and debated whether we should buy a table dance? After considering the hefty fee and watching one from across the room, we decided it wasn’t elegant for ladies to behave in that manner so, lots of money paid and 30 minutes later after the very good daiquiris (which could’ve been complemented by the very good bodies we saw), we were on our way …

One more night to tell our kids about!


Aasia said...

sounds like you had an awesome time!

Azra said...

I wish I was there...I'm sure I would have laughed because I did the last time a skinny stripper was shaking his bon bon at a friends bachelorette party.

You had to see some of the descendants of Roman gods that I saw recently on a cruise ship. And theres something about a man in uniform at work that is so appealing LMAO :D

Anonymous said...

Devilish demon u are with your "cock and bull" stories! Love it!

"reputable" establishment? More like a place of ill-repute methinks! Please take me with next time - sounds like my kinda place ;-)


P.S. Hope those were VIRGIN daiquiris for the "virginal"

Anonymous said...

Gals if you go - go BIG!