Thursday, January 29, 2009

False Prophets

I believed the false prophets of your poetic words.
I worshipped the fake religion of your heart.
The prayer beads of your lips repeated my salvation,
and yet they have betrayed me.
Your holy scriptures have been altered.
And even though you healed the sick and cured the blind…
You have left me faithless.


The Dude said...

have no fear and be never disenchanted, life is too short to live in regret.
simply let it go and try and find something that works for you. to each his own right? ;)

Anonymous said...

Ouch! Ive been following ur poetry for a while now n it has always been real, beautiful n moving. This loser in ur poem should be castrated.

Azra said...

It's a beautifully written poem. The content is sad though.

Majestic Elk said...

The elk suggests that when you are not wanted by the person you want you can escape to your own oasis and return to the womb of your passion where you will feel no pain:

I am an elk. By Elkusmajesticus
A winter’s Day in a deep and dark December
I am alone
Gazing from my window
To the streets below
On a freshly fallen silent shroud of snow
I am an elk;
I am an island.

Islands are lonely and beautiful. Your poems are islands of the soul. If others do not appreciate you, I do.
Be strong, raise your antlers, shake your long hair and enjoy the oasis of your pure passion. Well done on such eloquent poetry.

The Majestic Elk

Howling Lamb said...

Hi, Desert Demons. The best comment I can find is from Nahid Yousefi "Like the essence of a song I understand you....I read you in every verse of the book of emotions. I feel you, I understand you more than I can express." You know why. Be proud of your heart. To thyself be true becaue you are so special.
Howling Lamb

desert demons said...

Thanx for all your comments :)

Dude: The mind releases with ease it is the heart that cannot, love is never rational!

Anon: Lolol thanx for the offer , but we could never hurt those we love.

Azra: Even pain and sadness , have their beauty :)

Elk: I think we're4 going to be good friends :) :)

Lamb: Glad you're back , I missed you, it is not often that people know exactly where we are coming from!

I wish you all much love - DD

Anonymous said...