Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Incongruous Love Letter

Dear Love,

Why do you confuse me so?

Teasing me with your rapturous eyes
Taunting me with your surreptitious lies
Embracing me with passion
Engulfing me in apprehension

Gentle wave kissing the shore
Calamitous tempest wreaking havoc galore
Flirtatious breeze rustling through trees
Violent whirlwind accosting the seas

Chanting sultry rhymes of seduction
Whispering ominous words of doom
Why love, do you bind me so
With promises of never letting go?


Howling Lamb said...

Braveheart and fair lady

She was so beautiful
I could have looked at her forever

She was so bewitching
I could have gazed into her eyes forever

She was so tasty
I could have kissed her forever

She was so soft
I could have caressed her forever

She was so tempting
I could have made love to her forever

She was so warm
I could have slept with her forever

She was so witty
I could have listened to her forever

She was so fragile
I wanted to protect her forever

She was so inviting
I wanted to hold her forever

She was so fragrant
I wanted to scent her forever

She was so unique
I could have asked her to live with me forever

I did.

She didn’t.
Howling Lamb

Anonymous said...

Lamb: The one that got away?

It may not seem true but these things happen for a reason. Personally though, I would not like to have been described as 'tasty'.

DD: I LOVE LOVE LOVE the emotions that the imagery in your poetry evokes!

shabz said...

This is soo well written it takes , teasing to the next level :)

Anonymous said...

Lamb, I realise you are nursing a broken heart and your poem expresses this. However, after reading the Desert Demon's poem yours... well its like comparing a supermodel to a drag queen.

Hope you find peace.

Azra said...

Very very well written!! :D

desert demons said...

pack your claws away Anonymous - I quite like Lambs poem!

Howling Lamb said...

Firstly, allow me to congratulate DD on her magnificent poem. You are an ocean of feeling. Brilliant work.
Secondly to Anonymous 1: Yes, she got away. I don't accept bland assertions that it happened for a reason. The reason was she didn't choose me. I failed to make a sufficiently significant impact on her and have been left licking my wounds ever since. Don't worry, I won't describe you as tasty. I am sure that there are lots of other wonderful words to descibe somebody as caring as yourself. Thanks for the attempted consolation. There is no consolation.
To Anonymous 2: I fully accept that Desert Demon's poem is far superior to mine. Desert Demon is my muse. She is inspirational and I chose to respond with my inferior verse. I wouldn't even dream of competing with her. I would be unworthy to fill her quills with ink.
I am not a drag queen, just a guy who failed in love and who is now failing at poetry.Thanks for the review. As Oscar Wilde said "There'a only one thing worse than being talked about .....and that's not being talked about." One final comment: If you could ignore the poor poetry you could only understand what I am writing about if you lost the love of your life. Hope you haven't. Hope you never will. Thanks for your contribution. I am off to bed, to howl myself asleep.
I have accepted that I will never find peace. She had to leave me.
I was at peace when I was with The One! I am condemned to wander the underworld of my life fulfilling a few little duties towards my family and friends until I find my final peace when nothing will matter anymore.
Sorry for the howling. But she was special and unique and irreplaceable.
Howling Lamb

Anonymous said...

The greatest love stories end in misery! A lesson to all is that love hurts and it’s the hurt that we get addicted to. Pinning all your hopes on a single person is foolish, though we’ve all been guilty of it at some point in our lives. There’s no guarantee that the hurt goes away but it does numb into the background and we either get stronger as a result, or build up walls, or turn to self pity. No-one is irreplaceable!

“Hope is the dream of a soul awake” and wallowing in self pity is truly a waste of your soul – a gift from Allah.

“May you have enough happiness to make you sweet, enough trials to make you strong, enough sorrow to keep you human, and enough hope to make you happy.”

You only have one - Live it!!!

Anonymous said...

beautifully written...

The days I spent with you like tape
play, rewind, play, rewind, play with no end.
Whenever I remember something new and pause,
I feel as though you touched me and mushily pecked.