Thursday, November 27, 2008

Heart Memory

I scrape your name in blood onto the barbed wire fence that surrounds my dreams. In the distance waves of tears crash against a jagged shoreline of broken hearts.

My swollen tongue refuses to speak of its anguish. This bond has become a desert and my words of love have dried up like an oasis whose annual rain has failed to fall.

The Bedouin stand around parched, death is inevitable.


Howling Lamb said...

Prayer of autumn

Like an autumn tree
Clinging desperately
To its last golden leaf

I tried to hold you,
My love
From the wind of time

I grasped you to my heart
I gazed at you
With the craving eyes of my soul

Begging you to stay
Telling you
My garden was your home.

I ripped the veils from my heart
I allowed the burqa of my soul
To slip to the ground

And I shivered as I revealed
The nakedness of my love
For you

I laid my heart
At your feet

I raised my eyes
From the ground

But I was too late
The winter wind had stolen

The last leaf
Of your feelings
For me

And as that
On the frozen wastes
Of our love

I cried
Because there was nothing else
To do
Without you.

I am waiting
For the spring.

I am waiting
For your leaves to blossom
On my tree.

And when
We bloom again,

My love

Your leaves
Will be sacred
And safe

With me.


Howling Lamb

Anonymous said...

Exquisitely written DD and Howling Lamb. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

For Howling Lamb and Desert

Uncurl from the foetal core of agony

Dust off the shards of shrapnel
clinging to your hair, your cheek, your eyelash, your lips

Unfurl your tightened fists of fury

Unwind your blasted bandana of despair

Unbandage your tortured self of its wounded wrechedness

lift your heart and eyes to the unwavering distant horizon

Behold a sandstorm in the desert
heralding the approach of the Alchemist of hope

No MIRAGE this