Sunday, September 7, 2008


There’s really nothing sweeter than picking a fresh date off the palm and sinking your teeth into its soft, succulent flesh. Warmed by the sun, it melts in your mouth. Just be sure to pick it in the right season and wait till iftaar time!


Anonymous said...

sweet :)

KiLLa said...

Where is this ???

Im jealous

Waseem said...

I've never had fresh dates, I only had those ones you get in the box to break fast with.

That garden looks amazing.

Nooj said...

looks like the closes earth comes to jannah
i like rutab dates
they're the closes i've come to fresh dates

desert demons said...

Killer-It's in the Emirates, but you could find the sight where ever you find date palms

Waseem-I believe woolies has a pretty good selection of fresh dates

Nooj-Thanx for the visit :)

Shameema said...

Sahtain- It truly is a beautiful word. It always makes me enjoy my meal better. here's to double health :P