Monday, September 8, 2008


“Why Me Syndrome” or WMS is one of the most fatal viruses to hit earth, it ranges from short termed, if given a “GAL” (get a life) shot, to terminal if it receives sympathy instead of treatment.

It's beyond shocking, that even within our privileged lives we're still so ungrateful. Speaking to a friend, I discovered that the word kafir as used in the Quran and islamic literature in its raw form actually means 'ungrateful'.

So... the greatest achievement in life is to reach contentment. A place where what you have is sufficient and God is enough. It is in the attainment of this 'higher plane” that sufis, saints and sadhus have spent decades. What would cause one to remove ones self from society to stand on one leg, on a mountain top for an eon? Don't get me wrong I don't believe that islam is about isolation. Personally I think it's somewhat easier to live removed from sin and society (whether you believe that they are two separate concepts or not) I see the true challenge as existing within the crazy world and still obeying God's commands.

The pursuit of material wealth has somewhat jaded us, the modern day idols have far more shrines and temples than all the “old religions” combined. Apart from a constant greed to acquire more, they have made us oblivious to the fact that although as humans we may want a lot, we really need very little to survive.


r a w said...

Interesting thoughts. I agree with your notion of the real challenge being, when you exist within the crazy world, & yet be peaceful.

Anyone can detach themselves, go to mountaintops, live in caves, and think they are enlightened. The true test lies in living among the crowd, and still maintain your sense of peace.

I also agree that organized religion is just another vent for our ego. A pious man saying "My religion is better than yours.", is not so much different than a kid saying "My daddy is stronger than yours." Just ego play here.

When you understand the underlying strand that binds every religion, there is no need to say one religion is better than the other. All are different paths leading to the same destination.


Junaid said...

In response to the dude called "raw," I don't think the post ever explicitly (or even implicitly?) made the accusation that "organized religion is just another vent for our ego." Although this may be true on a case by case basis, it's clearly a gross over-generalization. Organized religion plays different roles -- for its different adherents -- according to very varied contexts across time and space.

The point I think the blog IS, however, making is that organized (or even un-organized for that matter) religions betray their ethical, prophetic core when they become indifferent and meaningless in responding to the multiple injustices/crises produced by, effectively, the greatest religion or ideology of all, that of power and a predatory corporate capitalism/consumerism.

desert demons said...

Thanx raw, however I don't agree with the idea that organised religion is an egotistical exercise.

I do believe that often the way in which religion is interpreted can be egotistical and patriachal or even racist. This however is not the fault of the religion but rather the fault of those who abuse their positions of power.

r a w said...

haha. I saw this comment now. I guess it's too late to retaliate, isn't it? :-)