Thursday, August 14, 2008

What's for lunch?

I’m really trying to eat healthily these days and I always thought that salad was the way to go! But now that women (governed by Al Qaeda in Iraq) are banned from buying cucumbers and tomatoes I wonder what I could munch on instead. Protein diet is also out of the question since the goats are going into hijab for being too enticing with their udders! Oh well! I guess that means no dieting! Bring on the ice cream!!!!!! No ice cream allowed either? Seriously? Ok so it wasn’t invented during the Prophet’s time…. Hmmm but but but …. Hey neither were kalishnikovs!
Seriously! What do they think these women are doing with the cucumbers and tomatoes?

Wife: Habibi, lets go somewhere special for dinner tonight, somewhere romantic.
Husband: No habibti, I’m not in the mood. I have infidels to attack tomorrow and I just have too much on my mind.
Wife: You never pay attention to me anymore! You don’t fulfil my needs! I’m going to the souq to do some shopping! We need tomatoes and cucumbers.
Husband: ok hayati, enjoy yourself, I’m going to tend to the goats in the pen while you’re away.

There’s a global food shortage and they think the women are gonna rig the cucumbers with the leftover dynamite just to have a blast (my demon was tempted to use another word for blast but I gave him a look that would freeze any goats milk)!


n said...

O great beware the terrorist vegtables - what next?? Muslim men really are a sad case its lame enough that they can't focus on God when women are in the mosque now they can't even walk in the fields without checking out the goats?

Aasia said...

lol - as usual we miss the point completely

Xena said...

They've lost the plot!

Junaid said...

goats have feelings too, by the way...