Thursday, August 14, 2008


I can be without anyone
But I cannot be without u
I hunger for u with an intensity immeasurable
Agonised in the wait for u
I lose myself in sullenness
Without you the loneliness spreads like a cancer through me
Still I wait
Broken and shattered inside
Staring at the shifting sands
I ache for your embrace
Like the wind caressing the grains
Dancing to the tune of the oud
Yearning to breathe you in
Fearing that the last time was the last

1 comment:

-saf- said...

A thousand tears of happiness fell . . .on land once hard and barren . . .the pounding of the drops begin to cease . . .an aroma, so fresh, forms from damp . . .the skies a pearly, placid grey. . .so perfect. . .so magical. . .yet overlooked. . .the air heavy with something un touchable. . .on which no finger can be placed. . .and so,a wish,a prayer i whisper. . .should my existence become unbearable - tears