Sunday, August 24, 2008

Allergic Wolf Arrested for Blowing House Down!

A couple of years ago I adopted a few human pets. One of them was addicted to story telling and would nag me to come up with new stories each time. The little gremlin wasn’t interested in the usual fairytales and so I was forced to use my decrepit imagination to keep the mongrels entertained. Mind you, they were old enough to make up their own damn stories! Funny thing was it took me forever to get to the “happily ever after” part. Maybe I’m all dark n twisty inside but the whole handsome prince saving the virginal princess from doom doesn’t quite do it for me! Recalling this silly time got me wondering if I’m alone in the gloomy apparition of the future. I keep hearing myself telling friends who are troubled by incidents in their lives that it all works out in the end and while I firmly believe that, I just don’t think the way it all works out in the end is the way we imagine it to! I’ve seen way too many princesses kissing frogs and going home to Shreks and sweet princes marrying wicked witches. All the while, you’ll find me clicking my ruby heels and muttering “there’s no place like home” – even if I haven’t quite figured out where home is!!!!


Waseem said...

I guess everything happens for a reason, sometimes the reason isn't transparent.

Thanks for the visit, I liked your story about the cross-cultural dinner. I also experience that questioning of my religion and people judging it for what they hear from other guys.

desert demons said...

Thanks Waseem. I also love the Almost News segment. You'll probably like Maniac Muslim's satirical writing as well.