Monday, May 4, 2015

Kathmandu's Kung Fu Nuns Have Refused To Be Evacuated - They're Staying Back To Help Victims...

300 women have refused to be flown by plane and chopper out of an earthquake ravaged Nepal. Clearly, they aren't ordinary women - they are nuns of the Ladakh-based Drupka order.
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Or, as the world calls them, 'Kung-Fu Nuns'. These women have grown up learning kung fu and meditation their entire life from a Kathmandu nunnery, and now they're planning to stay back and use their strength to help earthquake victims here.
nepal kungfu nun
In fact, their leader, the 12th Gyalwang Drukpa  expected them to be shaken, like the rest of Nepal. He told the Daily Mail: “I was expecting the nuns over there to be under trauma. Many people were saying that they should be evacuated but they decided to stay back and help others." 
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"It’s raining continuously, earthquakes are repeatedly happening, the walls are falling and none of them can go back to their rooms so they have had to camp in the garden.
nepal kungfu nun
Despite all these problems, they are willing to help.”  
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According to him, these disasters show nature’s unhappiness with mankind's greed.: “From a spiritual point of view, we should not blame God but, instead, work with nature and respect it. Some people say that the earth is a mother. I don’t necessarily say that one should worship.
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Respect, instead, means not being destructive. Scientists also say that,” he says.

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