Thursday, February 6, 2014

Boushra Almutawakel...

Boushra is a photographer from Yemen where her work is considered  quite controversial. 
In her series called “Mother, daughter, doll,” Almutawakel portrays herself along with her daughter who is clutching her doll. As the photos progress, Boushra’s hijab and that of her daughter’s become more and more conservative. That is until in the last photo, they both disappear.
“It’s kind of pretty self-explanatory in some sense, but some people didn’t really understand it. They thought what do you exactly mean? Whereas I think the majority of people did understand it and I was happily surprised at how it resonated with so many,” she says.
Almutawakel continued to receive feedback to her “Mother, daughter, doll” exhibition. A few months later, she says, her mother “found it extremely strange and odd that I would exhibit photos of myself and my daughter to the public,” she says.

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