Wednesday, November 13, 2013

For Ashura...

Bahraini Shiite Muslim women stand in front of 
a portraits of detained political activists during 
a ceremony marking Ashura, which 
commemorates the seventh century slaying of 
Imam Hussein, the grandson of Prophet 
Mohammed, in the village of Sanabis, west of 
Manama, on November 9, 2013. 

Turkish Shiite women hold up chains as they take part in a religious procession held for the Shiite religious holiday of Ashura on November 13, 2013, in Istanbul. Ashura commemorates the killing of Imam Hussein, a grandson of the Prophet Mohammed, by armies of the caliph Yazid in 680 AD. Tradition holds that the revered imam was decapitated and his body mutilated in the Battle of Karbala. AFP PHOTO / OZAN KOSE 

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