Friday, July 12, 2013

A Question For Egypt

Millions gathered in squares and streets
They wanted the end of the system
They wanted to topple Mubarik and his regime.
When the military men understood the resolve of the crowd
They took Mubarik away.
That was the first phase.
Then came the Brotherhood
Elected by many not of its number
They wanted to end the old regime for ever.
But the Brotherhood broke its promises,
Clung to the old system
Sent sewage down the tunnels of Gaza
Praised the man in the White House.
Did nothing at home
except torment Copt and women and Shia.
Angered by the betrayal
The people came out again
In numbers larger than before
And demanded an end to the regime they had elected
Millions came out.
The military men  understood the resolve of this crowd,
They smiled and took Brother Morsi away.
Killed a few dozen of his people
As the millions chanted ‘freedom’.
But what if the Army and its friends
Carry on like the Brotherhood and Mubarik
And the millions coime out again,
Who will take the Army away?
- Tariq Ali (
*(Thank you old grasshopper for sending this poem)

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