Sunday, March 17, 2013

One Afternoon In The Pouring Rain...

A young girl splashed her feet in the water. 
The rain fell hard and warm. 
She was soaking, her clothes stuck to her body. 

The water rushed down the incline to where she stood in the puddles.
The cars moved slowly in the hard rain. 
She saw her sister walking down the hill to fetch her.

‘Don’t go!' He begged. ‘Marry me!’ 
‘Are you crazy? 
Things don’t work that way'. 
He was 16, not that it mattered, these things were decided by family. 

Tears began to roll down his face. 
The rain fell harder. 
Slowly she began to walk up the hill towards her sister. 
At first she walked backwards, watching his face closely, hoping that she would remember everything. 

Eventually she could no longer tell the raindrops and his tears apart. 

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