Thursday, February 7, 2013

First World Problems ...

This one-minute video is BRILLIANT! - It so encapsulates how most of us in first world countries forget - in our frustration - that the things that irritate us would be part of FANTASY LIVES for people in third world countries.

"First World Problems read by Third World People" is by the non-profit "Water is Life" to ironically focus on the REALLY-CRITICAL issue of clean water. They enlisted Haitian children and adults to read the everyday gripes and minor irritations that first world citizens post on Twitter.

The commercial was produced by ad agency DDB NY to raise awareness of the nonprofit's efforts to provide clean drinking water in countries like India and Haiti. Clean, potable water is scarce in many areas of the world.

The ad agency and a film crew travelled to Haiti to film a variety of locals reading aloud a series of #FirstWorldProblem tweets and providing brief commentary on the Twitter users' "struggles." The Chief Creative Office of DDB NY - Matt Eastwood - says that his company is happy to support an organization like Water is Life.

Here's the link to Water is Life:

And Water is Life's website is:

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