Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Tumultuous Start To 2012

It has been a while since I last blogged. It seems the universe well aware of its mortality (thanx to Mayan predictions) has decided to grant me 'over-living'. 

Apart from a funeral there has been love, pain (ordered as a side dish like fries or salad with a fast food meal to remind us we're alive), a good book and too much food. 

The person we lost lived every single day to the max and compromised on nothing. She taught us that life was for celebrating and I hope that now that she's gone we remember that. 

I always find it surprising that even though death is the only definite life offers us we are always shocked and unprepared when it happens. Life is so transient at times and then at others it seems like forever. Why is it that we never enjoy the present as the only guaranteed time we own?

i was reminded of the companion of the prophet (swt) who dug a grave next to his home so he would constantly be reminded of death and that in turn would force him to live the best life he could. There's a lesson in that, after all how we spend the few years we have on this earth will dictate how we will live out eternity. 


Dreamlife said...

We always have this assumption that there will be's an extremely stupid assumption, of course - but one that is common to most humans, i think. My guess is that it's just a natural part of our creation - we're intrinsically like that, and it's only brief flashes like another person's death that opens our eyes to reality...before we then return to our state of blissful assumption.

Remembrance of death is hard enough on its own (yet, according to hadith, a most wise habit to have)...but in our society, it's just not talked about. Like most people would rather deny the fact that it's coming - when in fact we all know that it's the only certainty we face.

What was the name of that companion who dug the grave?

Sid said...

I'm sorry for your loss.

desert demons said...

hi dreamlife - not sure of the name. Thanx Sid.