Monday, December 19, 2011

Libya has been liberated but I am not happy...

Yet another revolution betrayed by western interests how can I be happy?
I watched the young Libyans dancing in the jammed streets, their guns pointing towards the skies where NATO unleashed its terror and I wonder what there is to dance about?
The rebels have taken Tripoli, they proclaim, yet they remain quiet about the multi-state coalition that will take the oil. Should I be pleased? 

The African leaders are as impotent as their Arab brothers against the mighty west how can I sing with joy? 

The ummah embroiled in strife did nothing to help the fasting masses in Libya how can I feast at dusk? 

And the bombs? Well the bombs are not advanced enough to tell rebel from Gadaffi loyalist... or are they? 

Do I celebrate the no fly zones that gave the UK, US and France a  space to test their new toys? 

Or maybe I can feel joy at the grand names with which the war mongers have labelled the theft and disempowerment of a nation. If they were honest then NATO's Operation Unified Pacifier would be called: Protecting Libyan oil from Libyans and the US's Oddessy Dawn would be called: Ensuring a new base closer to the Middle-East and the AFPAK.  

And please warn France that one day the real Harmattan* will come. It will blow from Africa and it will not be bound by the AU or the UN or fear or a slave mentality. It will come with the vengence of the slaves who were taken from the West Coast of Africa and with the Fire of the Mau Mau. It will come from South Africa and Nigeria and Rwanda and Somalia. It will come from the Congo and Sierra Leone and the Sahara and it will destroy those greedy western delusions. It will reject all the dollars they pay it to stop. It will wreck their plans and it will force them out of our lands.
It will break all the chains and it will set us free. 
And that day my friends I will have something to celebrate! 

*The Harmattan is a dry, dusty easterly or northeasterly wind on the West African coast, occurring from December to February. It is also the name France has given to its intervention in Libya. 

*(This is a re-post from 0ctober when my friends at attempting unison used to blog) 

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