Monday, August 15, 2011

Britannia's Unruly Waves Of Rioters ...

I think it’s time for the third world to head to the UK on a civilising mission due to the barbaric behaviour of Londoners over the past weeks.

I was surprised to see some people attempting to liken the London riots to the Arab uprisings … like hello am I missing something? The Arab uprisings were about the people wanting to bring about democracy and get rid of corrupt dictatorial leaders it had nothing to do with looting stores or burning down buildings to get the latest pair of Nikes free.

The more shocking part was that most perpeptrators where white and 'decent' people 
, chefs, millionare's daughters, students at reputable institutions and a this what happens when they get tired of living their lives of white privilege?

A friend was telling me about an article she read on the riots and their cause and the writer was saying that this generation of UK youth basically have no real morals and most of them are recipients of the dole. There is no real ambition, no real role models and no religion apart from materialism and the next high. The pointless death and destruction in the UK is repulsive even more so, in a  world where people are fighting for their lives everyday and so many wars are being waged simultaneously.

And I have to mention; that I find the accounts of South Africans who attempted to escape post 94, due to all the violence as well as the threat of ‘SA turning into the next Zimbabawe’ ,writing back to local newspapers saying how dangerous London has become and how much they miss the streets of Jozi, totally hilarious!


Ridwan said...

Even Diwani can't argue that he would be safer there than here.


Carrying on stirring - whiteness is crumbling while capitalism is burnt.


desert demons said...

Hey friend - I'd love to celbrate the crumbling ... but not just yet too much is against the 3rd world! This Diwani case gets more and more curious as the days go!