Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Rift Widens

There I was, standing on the east African shore, pondering piracy and wondering if climate change and the natural disasters elsewhere in the world had anything to do with the unusual rough seas and exceptionally high tide, when I heard the beep signalling a message on my phone. My thoughts, staying with natural disasters, twisted slightly:

You've heard the old adage: If a tree falls in a forest and no one hears it, does it still make a sound . . .
Now I wonder if a natural disaster happens in Africa, and CNN is not there to report it, is it still newsworthy?
Apparently not. Of course the news power houses will argue that they are restricted from reporting from Eritrea, as the government has stringent regulatory measures for foreigners and reporters but the fact of the matter is that Eritrea was struck by a series of Quakes this past weekend, the highest apparently being close to 6 on the richter. The seismic activity triggered the eruption of a previously dormant volcano in the Rift Valley, named Nabro that has been spewing ash up to 13 metres high and most air traffic in east Africa and the Arabian peninsula has been affected.

This hasn't made news probably because it isn't a Chilean disaster affecting Caucasian new zealanders or an Icelandic unpronouceable freak show landing traffic in Europe.
No, this is just some pathetic pariah spoiler state that is more like a wart in the side of Americas darling Ethiopia. Oh but wait! Poor Hillary has to cut short her trip to Addis! And there I was thinking someone actually cared if some Habashis and Afaris are displaced or if flights can't land in Asmara or take off from entebbe? (for ignorant American reader, these are places in Africa, yes it's a big ass continent larger than your supersize me MacD's)
This is Africa, sub species dont deserve the same coverage as the fairer race! As it is, these monkeys breed like rabbits! Besides, we weren't planning a summer safari in Africa this year anyway!

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Anonymous said...

Well it's about time you understood that black & brown lives are worth far less than white ones - the question is what will you do to change it?

Really enjoyed this post.