Sunday, May 29, 2011

The G8 Round Up!

  • Russia offered to mediate in Libya … lolololol what do they plan on doing? Threatening them with imprisonment in Siberia?

  • The G8 is to give $40bn in aid to Arab Spring countries this will probably be used to build nice malls for all the Americans that will be moving there for Africom and oil companies mostly and hopefully something will eventually trickle down for local development.

  • Britian’s president has asked other presidents of rich nations to keep their aid promises however he didn’t specify whether spending money on whores from 3rd world nations qualifies as giving aid and that’s probably why many leaders like  Berlusconi are confused

  • Sarkozy has joined Barack Obama in calling for the Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad to either step down or lead the country's transition to democracy even though the man obviously knows nothing about democracy which has shown all too clearly when considering his decisions on the niqab, retirement age increases and kicking out the gypsies or maybe these were all pre- democratic transitional moves?

  • A G8 statement on Israel and Palestine had to be toned down after the Canadians objected to a specific mention of a return to the 1967 borders, according to unnamed diplomatic sources. Canada's right-leaning Conservative government insisted that no mention be made. I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised this is how the Canadians treated the people of the first nations.

  • Mrs Bruni-Sarkozy, together with the other spouses, had lunch at Ciro's restaurant and discussed how to protect mothers and children from Aids. Of course the thought that maybe they should’ve used their lunch money to start an aids hospital never crossed their minds!

  • According to David Cameron ‘The big test for the G8 was whether we could respond to the momentous events that we have seen in North Africa and the Middle East. I would argue that we have responded.’ ARE YOU SERIOUS? Responded how? By bunk busting bombs, mass displacement of people, oil stealing and setting up banks in Libya and funding the oppositions?

My question is …Do half of the guys at the G8 even know that, 
the Arab Spring is not a season?


Anonymous said...

Thank you for an elightening bit of sarcasm...made me smile :)

desert demons said...

lolol glad you liked it - the G8 is often funnier than stand-up!