Friday, May 6, 2011

Coz We Never Ask Ourselves The Right Questions …

  1. What was Osama doing in a militarized zone in Pakistan? 
  2. Did the ISI really know nothing – I mean seriously they’ve helped the MI6 solve crimes in the past-?
  3. Isn’t this conveniently close to the US elections?
  4. Does it really make a difference if Osama exists because the philosophy and the followers did not die along with him and most importantly the west created their ‘monster in the cupboard’?
  5. Does this change anything for the long-suffering Afghani’s who are plaqued by corruption from every possible angle?
  6. Considering its own shining record, what gives the US the authority to try ‘terrorists’ and ‘dictators’ ?
  7. Does the US military have a sudden new found appreciation for Islamic rites or was burial at sea the easiest way to get rid of evidence?
  8. Would any other military be allowed to run operations on US soil, 4 Hawks and all?
  9. Lastly no matter how vile the ‘terrorist’, no one deserves to die to further the election campaign of another.

*(For some background to the ‘wonderful’ upliftment foreign aid and military is doing in Afghanistan please read:,1518,440017,00.html)


Ridwan said...

Absolutely right on ... the Nobel Peace Prize president using Obama to campaign for the crack house.


desert demons said...

I think you meant Osama ? It's terrible when you think about it afterall the US has been interfering in Pakistani foreign policy since the 50's !