Saturday, April 2, 2011

From Men to Mice

I’ve always been conscious of the fact that men have felt threatened by women all along and the patriarchal systems that have existed in history have been attempts at survival and dominance but ultimately, as nature would have it, survival favours the fittest, and we women have always been at the top! With modern medicine and science, there seems little need for men anymore and so it would seem that nature has decided its time to wind down the gender. Yes, it’s true! Men or at least the male human species are slowly dying out, so says a British Professor, Jennifer Graves.

I can’t say I haven’t noticed the not-so-subtle changes in recent years – more homosexuals, more metrosexuals, less REAL hunky men and decreasing fertility rates (yes sure they blame the women in the relationship for that too). Well now we know why! Chromosome researchers have found that the very thread that makes men what they are is dwindling down. From having had 1400 genes on the Y chromosome three hundred million years ago, while prancing around in fig leaves, to now being left with just 45 genes (seems like peach leaves will do just fine now) men are losing their masculinity! Yes boys, you need a Y chromosome to be BOYS! You see, the male Y chromosome has a gene (SRY) that activates the development of testes for the production of male hormones that determine maleness. So basically if you don’t have the vital genes, the dangly bits don’t dangle.

The countdown to extinction begins – guys you have just 5 million years left! Now I’m sure you’re wondering what solutions science is exploring to rectify the situation (if you haven’t already contemplated mass suicide) – not to worry, there are a few options (creepy as they may be).

Japanese scientists recently found that they can manufacture rodent sperm in a lab that can produce healthy offspring! They’re now considering how the lab-grown sperm can help men with fertility problems. I’m just a bit concerned that they announced these results a few days after the Quake, Tsunami and Fukushima nuclear disaster! One wonders what the radio-activity may have done to mutate the mouse-juice!

The similarities with rodents don’t end there! Scientists are exploring how to emulate moles and mice because some vermin in Eastern Europe and the mutant rats in Japan have no Y chromosome and no SRY gene and still there are males in the species, so the question is, what gene has taken over to play the part of the missing bits, and how do humans get to activate it to make up for the loss.

If that doesn’t work out, would this mean the human species would mutate into reptilian asexual creatures to survive? Urgh! Where's the fun in that!!!!!


Ridwan said...

I new I was feeling a lot less inclined of late.

Your post fills in the doubt!

And me and the boys only have 5 million years to do something.

Ummmmm .... and I'm a procrastinator too :)

Nice post ... though I am worried too.

Onward! (or maybe backward! in this case ... dunno now :)


Azra said...

Hahaha. This explains a lot! And now I'm worried. Somewhere, in the recesses of my mind, I always knew that there'd come a day when I'd be living in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie :P

shabz said...

So are we speaking of mice or men?

pserean said...

petri dish lurve...

you can't knock it, eh? ;P