Wednesday, January 26, 2011

For The Tunisians & Egyptians

 (Picture Source: google)

Trust the place where civilisation began to bring on the revolution and kick out their despotic, up -America's-ass, useless, sell-out, impotent, tin(petrol)pot, Israel-serving, puppet leaders !



Riverwolf, said...

Hi there, I've been following all these developments with great interest as well as concern. So often these sorts of things occur only to be stamped out or watered down and emasculated. I sincerely hope that these events will bring true and lasting change for people and countries involved.

And hope you're well!

Ridwan said...

What will the US do without friendly and loyal Tunisia?

Revolution indeed ...



desert demons said...

Hey wolf , you have been missed !!!

We are all waiting with baited breath to see what happens, hoping that this revolution doesn't turn out like the one in George Orwell's , Animal Farm.

What will the US do without all 1000 of its bases on foreign soil -we will wait and hope :)