Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fall Of The Pharaoh

I can barely sleep I am so excited that the revolution has arrived en masse despite the queen of my kingdom telling me that the world will end in 2012 anyway, according to the ancient Mayan predictions and the man I share my life with is in a rush to replace our t.v, and get every satellite channel possible, because ‘ there is finally so much news to watch’!

From the declaration of the new state of Southern Sudan and the remarkable return of the 'Arab Street' through the contagious revolutions in Egypt, Yemen, Lebanon, Jordan, Tunisia, the migrant worker strikes in the Emirates – however small they may be - and the Palestinian leaks, this year is off to an amazing start. Hopefully Algeria, Morocco and Jordan will soon follow suit. It appears that the world as we know it is either exploding, imploding or mud-sinking from the floods.

If the Gulf War made CNN famous these are the moments for Al Jazeera to finally be recognised beyond the nomadic tents. People around the world are either glued to their HD Screens or in a state of semi-paralysis with clawed fingers over their smart-phones, tweeting and mobilising the masses through the social networks. 

This week there seems to be no other news or nothing else to do but keep a watchful eye on the slaves' revolt against the last-standing Pharaoh. If he plans to follow Ben Ali to Jeddah, they may as well pick up Abdullah of Jordan along the way and prepare for their host to face opposition too...

As for the Palestinians it is always the most painful when those you perceived to be your own sell you out ,and as each new leak came to the surface I felt more and more sick (though somewhat unsurprised).  The worst of course was the PA’s support of the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians inside Israel and the abandonment of the right of return . Sad though, that Erekat felt justified in blaming the messenger and calling on his thugs to attack the news network.

Both the artery of Africa and the heart of the Middle East are bleeding into the Meditteranean and Red seas, now is the time for the empire to wake up and realise that the Arab and Muslim masses do not favour their "moderate" puppets and if true democracy is to reign, then the only slogan you will hear is GOD IS GREAT!

And all the while, the Oligarchs of the 'free world' are sitting at the (World Economic Forum) in Davos pretending all is well when in actual fact ...Rome Burns!


PPP said...

Can the contagion please spread to Pakistan as well!!!

desert demons said...

Well PPP I guess that depends on one thing only ... Will the Pakistani masses organise themselves and revolt against the corrupt regime that unjustly governs them?

Anonymous said...

awesome stuff !!!!
most easy to understand article i read on the jasmine revolution all day !!!
mind if i use some of it in a speech?

coz its simply brilliant miss desert demon :)

be brilliant

be awesome

be spontaneous >>>>

15 in 8 days :D (dnt knw y i told u tht jus vewi :D )


desert demons said...

well Zangel so glad to be of assistance :) you're more than welcome to use anything you find on this blog. As for turning 15 i hear it's a very cool age, although it was too long ago for me to remember- just saying ;)

Azra said...

I guess what really shocks me is that as Muslims, we were fore-warned about such atrocities (and especially amongst the Arabs) thats why I have such a difficult time wrapping my mind around how they could sell each other out like that. Like how can Abbas sell out Palestinians like that? ESPECIALLY knowing what he knows about Jerusalem and its significance to the entire Muslim world. Agh bloody greedy animals... there betrayal is worse because they know better. I too many words really....