Saturday, December 4, 2010

Asian Caravan To Gaza

Today I heard about the Asian Caravan to Gaza and I was totally moved by their efforts and quiet disheartened by the response of both the Pakistani and Indian governments towards them.

Almost 70 people who come from all over Asia, have headed out this week on a Caravan to Gaza and more will be joining them along the way. The caravan journey has been undertaken not only to show solidarity and support to the Palestinians but also to raise awareness throughout Asia.

The caravan members began their trip in India and then today attempted to cross the Wagha border (probably the world’s most dramatic border post) unfortunately the Indian government refused to process their group documentation – despite them having their individual visas- and the Pakistani government only issued them with permission to remain in Lahore for a week, despite their overland plans to Iran.

It was a sad day for the activists and international solidarity movements and even though there were protests on both sides of the border the travellers were forced to return to Delhi and will now fly directly to Iran where they will continue their journey to Turkey, Lebanon, Syria and then Egypt where they will cross over into Gaza.

I wish that both the Indian and Pakistani governments would not bow so low to their American masters, I  wish I was going along with them, I wish their journey success but mostly I wish that Palestine will be freed in my lifetime. 

UPDATE        5:12:2010

Mostly due to heavy media pressure the Gaza Caravan crossed over at Wagha border for a day. It was a symbolic gesture from the caravan who then handed the baton over to the Pakistani participants who will be travelling overland via Quetta and meeting the erest of the caravan who will continue to Iran by air. 


Wafa' said...

thanks a lot for introducing the Asian Caraban to Gaza to us, i didn't read about it before, but will look for more info about it for sure.

P.S: i love the new banner :)

desert demons said...

Hey Wafa - thanx a friend made it for us as a suprise gift - he's too sweet!