Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Blind Dolphins ...

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River dolphins are one of natures fascinating quirks, often people are surprised by their existence.
There are four species of Platanista -their scientific name-. Due to being hunted with such fervour
the river dolphins or Baiji of the Yangtze River in China were declared 'functionally extinct' in 2006. The Amazon river dolphins or Boto are pink and all river dolphins are either poor sighted or blind. The last two types are Bhulan found in the Indus River in Pakistan and Susu found in the Ganges River in India. These animals are endangered and the numbers are falling fast due to pollution, over fishing, excessive boat trafficking and habitat loss. The brain of the river dolphin is 40% larger than a human brain, who knows maybe we're killing them off because we're threatened!


Anonymous said...

strange but interesting - thanks for sharing

Save the Blind Dolphins!

Dreamlife said...

Dolphins in rivers...very interesting indeed :)

Kind of like crocodiles in the ocean (which I've seen on a TV show once...I don't know if that really happens, though).

desert demons said...

Yep anon I though so too but dolphins of any sort are just too cute to ignore :) Hey dream-life kinda reminds us that every rule has an exception no?