Friday, August 20, 2010

Eviction ...

(Picture Sourced: google)

Yesterday President Sarkozy gave the go ahead as France began the expulsion of Roma people. Currently about 15 000 Romani reside within France. Although the interior ministry has claimed that each case is individually considered there appears to be growing unrest at what the voices on the ground, are calling 'Nazi' style round ups.

The first plane load of those undertaking the 'voluntary return procedure' left France today. Each adult that leaves is being offered $380 and each child $100.

The Roma are one of Europe's oldest communties and are often targetted due to their nomadic lifestyle and negative stereotypes.

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Anonymous said...

its those scarves they wear!

(hmm. seriously though...not surprising.i remember during the rugby world cup final, looking at sarkozy and thinking...this man looks like the evil guy in a james bond movie.)