Tuesday, June 29, 2010

You Wear Hippie Clothes...

You wear hippie clothes
Hang flowers in your hair,
you wear bells around your neck
And read the sayings of Mao,
All the books on the cultural revolution.
You participate in long marches
Raising the banners of revolution
Demanding that the students rule the world
That the walls of the ancient world be broken.
When love attacks you
Like a beast with blue fangs
You shiver like a terrified mouse.
You throw the picture of Mao on the floor
And the banner of revolution 
That you raised,
You run crying
To your grandmother's bosom
And marry
According to your grandmother's way.

Nizar Kabbani, Arabian Love Poems


The Dude said...

tragically true representation of the majority of the worlds youth at the end of the day.. giving in to despair and fear and conforming is the single biggest inner curse of humanity that prevents it rising to be what it could be.
nice find.

Howling Lamb said...

A beautiful poem that shows the journey from dream to despair when the light of hope is snuffed out forever by rejecting the person who does not tick the boxes for "grandmother's way". When you dare to dream, there is nothing worse than being the witness of dismemberment of that dream.