Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rain Dance

The rain was pouring down hard. The cold wind made her shiver. Her clothes clung to her body and her hair dripped into the puddles she was standing in. She had handed him his bag and leaned into the half closed car door to kiss him. He had barely responded. She stood there as the car pulled slowly away hoping that he would turn just once, that he would acknowledge her presence or maybe even smile… there was nothing. And as the car drove out of sight she realised that she was shaking.

As she walked upstairs trying her best to fight back the tears she replayed the last 6 days in her mind. They had been the best days that they had shared in the last 9 months and they had been almost good.

Was this worth it? Was he worth it?

If realisation was tangible it would look like lightning – there was nothing as clear against a night sky – Yes,  lightning was brief but it was strong and definite and there was no doubting it.


Rajat said...

was I reading a novel, was I watching a movie..

beautiful expression words weaved into reality.

desert demons said...

Thanx for the encouragement Rajat :) I've been attempting fiction for a while but am yet to find my space :)