Monday, May 3, 2010

Ke Nako - It Is Time!

With just a little more than a month to go before the FIFA World Cup, the excitement all around South Africa seems to be building up. The construction of the stadia is completed and people are in awe as they tour the architectural wonders, getting a sneak peek of where the football stars will be. Most people have adorned their sunshine-yellow football jerseys, the sounds of vuvuzelas are heard all around and colourful posters calling for Mzansi to unite can be seen almost everywhere!
But as we draw closer to the highly anticipated event, the stark reality that this world cup is not really our own, begins to dawn on us. High expectations of foreigners bringing in the dollars that will boost the economy are now deflated, as the numbers anticipated seem to have dwindled. Meanwhile everyone who has ever used any reference to the words WORLD, CUP or 2010 are being sued by the FIFA Mafia who are the real beneficiaries of this event.
If we thought that the world’s biggest sporting spectacular was going to make a difference to the lives of those living in the slums, then we were about 80% correct – a difference has been made – the unsightly Tin-Can-Town, more of a concentration camp than a temporary residence for the homeless – is where thousands of people have been herded into pens like cattle and are subjected to brutality and intimidation so that we have “clean” cities to show-off to the foreigners!

We’ve been duped!

Do you want to experience South African culture and cuisine? Not anywhere near the stadia you won’t! They’ve already rounded up the hawkers and road-side traders and moved them at least 2 kilometres away. So much for black economic empowerment!

Apparently FIFA still thinks the Apartheid Group Areas Act is cool. Not wanting to make da circle beeeger, they insist moving matches from the previously and currently disadvantaged areas of Newlands and Athlone in Cape Town to the affluent (read as WHITE) , Green Point Stadium. As for all you paraplegics – if you can’t run on the soccer field, why should there be a need for you to have access to the spectator stand? Sit at home or go and play basketball!

Already the sexploitation is visible – more and more prostitutes hanging around the waterfront in Cape Town and Mandela Square in Sandton. It is expected that forty thousand women from abroad will be playing the beautiful game on home turf! More importantly, let’s all stock up on condoms and even send a ministerial delegation to London to procure a billion more! What the Fuck? (Pardon the pun) – I always knew it was about boys and their toys playing with balls but seriously – are they coming for the World Cup Orgy?

Halala Africa Halala!


shabz said...

It's odd how the realities are so far off from the meaningless banter of country wide benefit and unity even something as huge as the world cup stands only to benefit those who already live above the poverty line.

Azra said...

I often wonder if FIFA only said yes to Africa because Mandela was one of the delegates asking.

Sid said...

As usual this was insightful. I'm just glad that they decided not to legalise prostitution for the duration of the Soccer World Cup.