Friday, March 12, 2010

Political Islam, Saudi Arabia, and the Five Pillars of Faith.

Declaration: We bear witness that there is no God but capitalism and that Bush is the last prophet.

We pray 5 times daily, facing the Pentagon, the New House of Worship, by Lockheed Martin and Boeing, dedicated to the worship of the one and only God, capitalism.

This is incumbent on all, depending on collective guilt, We must provide food with bombs, camps to refugees (survival not guaranteed), irrespective of recipient’s economic beliefs.

Fasting: For one month, from dawn to dusk, to recognise the plight of those less fortunate, we will engage in war with rouge states – no money shall pass the mouths of schools and hospitals.

Hajj: To invoke mercy and forgiveness for our socialist ways, we shall make pilgrimage to the U.S soil, funded by oil money, and observe a ritual of peace, which will henceforth be absolved upon return to native soil.

By: Ayesha Sattar in Voices of Resistance, Edited by Sarah Husain


Anonymous said...

Provocative as ever!

Word Veri "calima"

Anonymous said...

It's sad because it's true! And the older I get, the more I'm convinced I live in some weird Alice-in-Wonderland society.

The Dude said...

hilarious but deadly serious and hard to ignore.
very nice.

desert demons said...

I'm off the view that religion cannot be followed in a vaccume, we need to make ourselves politically aware -loved it :)