Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year?

Well on the second day, I must admit it’s far too early to tell don’t you think?
However when looking back at last year … I’m hoping that it can only get better. With unprecedented natural and manmade disasters in over supply during 2009 what hope is there that 2010 will be any different to humanities usual annual menu? There will be genocide and human trafficking, destruction of the atmosphere, disease, poverty and the after effects of decolonisation -terror and the like-.

The line up is starting to look pretty normal when compared to -lets say- the last 200 years… no? So once again the primordial question is raised… What remains to be positive about?

Well for one, globally there is more access to alternate information so people can have the pleasure of making up their own minds. 1st world bullshit becomes more and more apparent to the world. Community based programmes are taking back the power in every sphere from democracy to education. There remain tribes unconquered by modernisation in the Amazon. The ice caps haven’t turned into slush puppy yet. Some minds are still unconverted by mainstream capitalistic dogma and superficial pop-culture. Beauty can still be found in the most unassuming places… if you care to look and no matter how clichéd and pukey it may sound … everyday some one, somewhere finds love.


r a w said...

Well said. Right on. :-)

Sid said...

"everyday some one, somewhere finds love." I read that and all I can think is, "I hope it's my turn soon."

Edge Of Where said...

Still searching for love but yes we search because there is still that hope within

Azra said...

Hope and Faith. Thats all we really have at the end of the day innit ;) May your New Year be a happy, healthy and prosperous one :)

The Dude said...

cliches and their like are what give hope and a little spark of joy.. convention and culture looks at them as silly but who cares?

the new year is nothing but another notch on the walls of the cave, another year passed..

but like all things its power is in the symbolism, like going to church and confessional on sundays.. you go into the new year with the burdens of yesterday and come out with renewed hope for the year ahead.

people are many things good and bad, dont lose your hope because its pretty much all we have.

cheers and cool runnings to you..

desert demons said...

Thanx to all of you for continuing to visit it motivates me to keep @ it, hope you all have an amazing 2010 and Dude in the words of Harvey Milk: The important thing is not that we can live on hope alone, but that life is not worth living without it.

Howling Lamb said...

Hi Demons,
You forgot to say
"And every day, somebody, somewhere will lose his love. And all he will have is hope because he will never have or be with his love."
Happy New year to you all. May you luckier in love and life than some have been.

desert demons said...

Thanks for the new year wishes Lamb ... hang in there salvation she will arrive :) MWAH !

Anonymous said...

Ah rights pitiful huamn beings, searhcing for their lack in "desire". Humans submitt, desires are unlimited. Desires are merely the passing off from one signifier in language to another. Desires can nto eb satiated. Death should be the ultiamte desire.

Peace, justice, equality, community etc. Nothing matters. Not even i or I or you or they or them. Submitt to the desire of death.

desert demons said...

Anon everything matters if you make it matter - everything depends on what we are willing to engage and what we are not willing to !