Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Even Bandit Queens Are Not Exempt...


Anonymous said...

phoolan devi in search of pyar
What a makeover yaar!
Pity doodh wala wasn't interested
No crying over spilled milk!


Anonymous said...

great job guys. And you claim to speak for those on the margins. A woman has to find an Alpha-Male in life. The rituals of mating are the same. The female dance to attract the stronger of the tribe.

I thought the Darwinians believe in linear progress. Is the human really different from a dog or even chimpanzee? I do not believe so. The desires are the same. Perhaps the rituals have changed. Now perhaps the project of human modernity has meant that the rituals of human existence threaten the existence of the blue planet, a speck in the ever expanding universe. Nothing has changed.


desert demons said...

We are a happy person anon when people realise that there is still laughter on earth and K.K sings amazingly - try to enjoy :)