Monday, September 7, 2009

Thank You

Your smile has revealed that often, light

is discovered in the most unlikely places.

Your eyes have spoken in a place where

many times even words fail.

Your embrace has demonstrated that

even in hazardous times there is still a place

I can feel safe.

The taste of your lips has proven that

nourishment isn’t always food.

Your body has revealed that in a world on display there

remains un-chartered territory.

Your heart has taught me that

we can be lead home by things beyond maps.

It’s ironic how in a world full of teachers,

only one has the ability to teach your heart.


Sid said...

This one is soooo sweet.

Elle D said...


Majestic Elk said...

Magnificent sufism. The last two lines sent me spinning! Elk

desert demons said...

Sid - Love is too sweet :)

Elle - Thank you

Elk - I love that you're back, what better than love to release the inner mystic :)

Sajid Gani said...

wow. brilliant mind imagery there. awesome writing.

desert demons said...

Thanx for your visit Sajid :)